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Brought to you by Washington University and NAEMSP, our mission is to provide education to the EMS practitioner who is always asking “but why?” using physician-level expert commentary, queries from paramedics, and some good old fashioned humor.

Dec 26, 2020

Happy Holidays!

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The COVID-19 vaccine is here!  Many celebrate this as a miracle of science.  Yet others remain skeptical of the vaccine. Episode 5 seeks to assuage and answer many of those concerns with our special guest star:

Dr. Stephen Liang MD MPHS 

Associate Professor of...

Nov 30, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving!

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This year the But Why EMS Podcast is thankful for you, our listeners, for being part of our family.  Thank you!

In this episode, we hear about Gina and John's hilarious sedation story and John's personal experience with Versed.  

We also have a special...

Oct 29, 2020

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In this episode, we discuss the dramatic rescue in Thailand, Ketamine’s pharmacology, indications, responsibilities of prehospital sedation, and what you should know about this medication in your own practice of medicine.   

Using Ketamine affords you great power.

Sep 30, 2020

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In the last episode, we explored the role heat emergencies played in the deaths of Tour de France cyclist Tom Simpson and Kentucky high school football player, Max Gilpin. 

But why were Tom Simpson and Max Gilpin the only athletes to suffer heatstroke? 

The "But Why (

Aug 15, 2020

Welcome to our first episode of "But Why?" A podcast dedicated to providing education to prehospital clinicians in an entertaining conversation with EMS Physicians, Paramedics, and some good old fashion humor.  This podcast is brought to you by Washington University and NAEMSP. 

Our first episode explores why a Tour De...