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Brought to you by Washington University and NAEMSP, our mission is to provide education to the EMS practitioner who is always asking “but why?” using physician-level expert commentary, queries from paramedics, and some good old fashioned humor.


But Why aims to provide a deep-dive into educational questions derived from simple "but why" inquiries posed by prehospital clinicians while providing quality sound design.  

The idea started in 2019, when hosts Phil Moy, Gina Pellerito, and John Reagan wanted to create a unique #FOAMEMS podcast that incorporates story into education.  After a year of planning, development, and recording, our idea comes to fruition.  We hope you enjoy this podcast!

But Why EMS Podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or wherever you download your podcasts!

Disclaimer:  This is not medical advice and for answers regarding specific medical treatment questions.  Please see your primary care physician for your specific needs.  If you feel that this is an emergency, please call 911.

A little about us.

Phil Moy MD FACEP FAEMS is an Emergency Physician and EMS Physician at Washington University in Saint Louis.  He is part of the core faculty of the Washington University EMS Fellowship, Medical Director for Missouri and Carbondale base for ARCH Air Methods Helicopter EMS, and Medical Director for Lincoln County Ambulance District.  Phil enjoys creating podcasts and educating paramedics to improve the quality of prehospital care.

John Reagan EMT-P has been in EMS since 2011. He started in Kentucky and moved to St. Louis in 2012. He has worked at several agencies and hospitals around the area and is currently the EMS outreach coordinator for Barnes Jewish Hospital. John has a passion for prehospital medicine, specifically with teaching and improving the human factors that influence decisions. He is currently working towards becoming a physician assistant and hopes to use this to expand the career path for EMTs and paramedics.

Gina Pellerito EMT-P is a critical care paramedic and has been in EMS since 2005. She began her career as an EMT and has also served as a dispatcher before obtaining her paramedic license. She has worked for several agencies here in STL and is currently the EMS Outreach Coordinator for St. Louis Children’s Hospital. She has a passion for teaching paramedicine and prehospital emergency care of pediatrics is her main focus. Any spare time she isn’t on the ambulance, at the hospital, teaching, or working on the podcast, she spends hiking with her dog.