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Brought to you by Washington University and NAEMSP, our mission is to provide education to the EMS practitioner who is always asking “but why?” using physician-level expert commentary, queries from paramedics, and some good old fashioned humor.

Aug 31, 2021

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this But Why EMS Podcast episode is a continuation of our last episode.  If you haven't heard our last episode: Shake Your Sillies Out, click here to check it out.  In this episode, we discuss a unique case study that is terrifying for any healthcare clinician: a child in the field who is in status epilepticus that won't respond to typical treatments.  What then?

Hear the But Why EMS Podcast team discuss this situation with 

Dr. Rejean M. Guerriro DO 

Pediatric Neurologist at Saint Louis Children's Hospital

Dr. Joseph Finney MD

Pediatric Emergency Physician and EMS Fellow at Saint Louis Children's Hospital/Barnes Jewish Hospital

Nikki Bain EMT-P & Brandon Treiber EMT-P 

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Hawnwan Philip Moy MD 

Gina Pellerito EMT-P

John Reagan EMT-P

Noah Bernhardson MD